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Gina Marcel

Gina Marcel has been a curriculum design practitioner for over 20 years in her capacity as a former administrator and teacher in both university and K-12 independent school settings. An active promoter of education technology, and teaching and learning, Gina served as the Co-Chair of the New York State Association of Independent Schools Education and New York State Association of Independent School (NYSAIS) Information Technology Committee (NEIT) and a past president of the New York Consortium of Independent School Technologists (NYCIST). In both positions, she facilitated citywide forums and continued the internationally attended NEIT conference for multiple years. Finding purpose as a leader in constructionist teaching and learning, she continues to study at Columbia University Teachers College, pursuing a Doctorate in Education (EdD) in School Change and Leadership in the Curriculum and Teaching Department. Gina continues as a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM) Educator at The School at Columbia University, while researching best practices for fostering play and joy in all areas of elementary education.

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